Your Platform

Excerpted from Release Your Writing, by Helen Gallagher.
Now that you’ve got plenty of ideas for marketing strength, let’s look at what the publishing industry calls a “platform.” Start by speaking at your local chamber of commerce, attend an expo, and get a booth or table at community events.

Whether you self-publish or go the longer route with an agent and publisher, book marketing is up to you. Having a platform is critical to your visibility and success in book promotion.

Your platform combines your credentials and your outreach:

• Audience
• Experience
• Mailing list
• Website
• Blog exposure
• Book tour availability
• Media and public speaking.

All of these components are essential to promoting your work at the highest level or attracting a publisher, by illustrating your ability to sell books. Your tasks, whether published by a POD service or traditionally, will be to market the book, do author signing events at bookstores, and get your book reviewed. Be creative in exploring free ways to gain visibility.