The Value of Marketing Materials

On today, I was asked whether there is such as thing as “unnecessary marketing material.”

My response:
I think effective marketing material is beneficial, but most cards, fliers, and ‘about me’ material just get tossed. What makes an effective marketing piece? Look to the big PR firms and publicists for examples. They do white-papers and useful articles that take a unique spin on an author’s book, rather than just a blurb about the book.

I recently reviewed a book on creativity and the author is highly visible for marketing an article on “Seven Steps to Tap Into Your Creative Spirit” or some similar title. A piece like that has more value and relevance than a marketing piece created specifically to drive sales but without benefit to the reader.

Do you agree? Are you proud of the marketing materials you’ve created for your work? Comment here, and I’ll send you the book review on creativity.


What is Pajama Marketing?

Pajama Marketing is your weekly marketing mojo to gain exposure for your writing. Every Saturday, we post a new strategy to keep your book alive.

Authors need new ways to get noticed and books, especially non-fiction will keep selling for years and years, as long as people can find them out on the Internet.

Pajama Marketing mascot

Pajama Marketing mascot

Because… Your book stops selling when you stop selling it.

What belongs in your platform?

Help me by adding other elements of visibility you use in your book marketing platform:

1. Begin to build your platform before your book is published
2. Register unique domain name for your work, and use it everywhere
3. Use the domain as your email – no more unprofessional hotmail accounts.
4. Subscribe to relevant blogs to stay informed and contribute value.
5. Join online communities and forums.
6. You are in a writing group aren’t you? You must – to add strength and support to your voice and to your colleagues.

What else should I add to this list? What works for you? Let me know…

Be creative in marketing your work.

This is from Guru Brian Jud’s monthly newsletter at I present it here to remind you of all the ways you can think of your books. Your book need never grow old, go out of print, or lose its audience, if you follow even a few of these good suggestions:

Be creative — do the unexpected and get attention. Most of us are born creative, but that flair is suppressed as we grow up with the admonition to “fit in” or to “not rock the boat.” Today, CREATE something.

Combine several titles together as a bundle.
Reduce the size of your book, or its price, or its cost.
Enlarge your book or its price, or expand its market in special

Adapt your book to other uses such as a calendar, a board game or
the script for a movie or a television series.

Turnaround your thinking. Ask not only why people buy your
books, but also why they do not.

Eliminate elements to reduce the cost, such as embossing, die cutting
or odd shapes — without reducing quality.

Think from a different perspective — and have some fun in the process.

Terrific ideas, to which I might add

Serialize your writing. It worked for Charles Dickens.

Remember ebooks reach an international audience at very low cost, and very high royalties.

Have a great Saturday!

Helen Gallagher

Expose Yourself on Amazon didn’t get to be the #1 bookseller in the world by sitting back and waiting for success.

They honed the model of online book selling, and did it by matching consumers to books of interest, and engaging readers, … well, you know the psychology of Amazon as well as I do.

So today’s question is: Are you capitalizing on capitalism?

You can if you use Amazon’s features to promote your books, whether new or old. It’s up to you to keep feeding the pipeline.

1. Write reviews of other books, and include a link to your own book. Search for my review of “One Year to a Writing Life” and you’ll see what I mean.

2. Every author on Amazon can have a blog, through AmazonConnect. Right now, it appears on your book’s page.  (See my “Release Your Writing” page for a sample.)

3. And now there’s news of Amazon’s new AuthorCentral service, where they create Author Pages for you, coming next week:

“…free service provided by Amazon to allow authors to reach more readers, promote books, and help build a better Amazon bookstore. … We are creating Author Pages for all AmazonConnect authors, and yours may already be live. If so, this means you will be able to blog from Author Central immediately and see your posts after you sign up. “

Presidential advice to writers

Doesn’t this Pres. Obama quote resonate with us as writers, and with those desiring publication?

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

If your time and your writing are not taking you where you want to go, change something.