More self-publishing success stories

If you need motivation to keep writing on these snowy February mornings, look at a few of the big breakthrough success stories for self-published authors. As you’ll see, having a book on Amazon in a Kindle version, and having other ereader formats can create viral success.

Are you ready for Royalties While You Sleep?

Source: USA Today Feb 9, 2011

Article excerpt:

Fed up with attempts to find a traditional publisher for her young-adult paranormal novels, [Amanda] Hocking self-published last March and began selling her novels on online bookstores like Amazon and

By May she was selling hundreds; by June, thousands. She sold 164,000 books in 2010. Most were low-priced (99 cents to $2.99) digital downloads.

More astounding: This January she sold more than 450,000 copies of her nine titles. More than 99% were e-books.

Further in the article:

H.P. Mallory, another self-published paranormal e-novelist, has sold 70,000 copies of her e-books since July. Her success caught the attention of traditional publisher Random House, with whom she just signed a three-book contract. “Selling e-books on Kindle and basically changed my life,” Mallory says. “I never would have gotten where I am today if I hadn’t.”


Helen Gallagher


Self-published book goes to the movies

A book adaptation of Saddam Hussein’s romance novel is being made into a movie starring Sacha Baron Cohen.

The publisher of the 2004 book is Virtual bookworm, one of the best POD firms I work with.

Who knows? Maybe YOUR book will be a movie too.

Jan 21, 2011:  Sacha Baron Cohen will star as Saddam Hussein in an adaptation of VBW author Robert Lawrence’s English translation of “Zabiba and the King.” Click the link to read all about it:

Self-publishing web resource

I gather information from all over the web, and some sites are in my Bookmarks, to be sure I visit them often.  Self-Publishing Review (SPR) is one of those sites, and one I think you’ll like too…

SPR combines resources for authors, articles, news and reviews. There are enough good links to keep you reading all day, but one spark may take your writing in a new direction, or give you an idea for an article.


Helen Gallagher