Seasonal book marketing

Seasonal book marketing

Spend some of your summer enjoying the early morning light, and use the quiet time to brainstorm a few ideas for Pajama Market’s seasonal calendar strategies.

Is your book is a first class mystery, memoir of your life with Mom, travel adventures in Peru, or a dummies guide to first-time daddies? No matter the topic, there’s a season to celebrate. Use it to gain or renew your marketing mojo with a seasonal news peg.

When I first wrote Computer Ease, I pushed to have it ready for the Christmas holiday season, as a gift to my best clients. Little did I know they would order — in quantity — as a gift they could pass on to friends and relatives.

A few months later, boom! There was Father’s Day and I was being asked to provide autographed copies of Computer Ease for everyone’s favorite dad.

In August of that year I wrote a newspaper article: “Back to School for Mom’s too…” suggesting they bump up their computer skills. That led me to form relationships with many new clients, and to speak at PTA meetings and women’s groups, and gained a new audience for the book..

Release Your Writing is a book that needs no holiday, but I still promote it as a special gift for a friend recovering from illness or loss, and for people who travel widely, new retirees, and of course, for all the wonderful writers who deserve to be published.

I hope you can use what I learned and keep marketing your books with a slant that fits the appropriate holiday or seasonal event.

Use Chase’s Calendar of Events (McGraw Hill), for more ideas and inspiration,so you won’t miss any of these annual events:

  • Be On-Purpose Month
  • Bereaved Parents Awareness Month
  • Book Blitz Month

and of course:
Shameless Promotion Month in September.

Search for ‘on this day’ and you’ll find hundreds of special days and historical references to help promote your book, such as:

Older American’s Month
Spiritual Awareness Month