What is Pajama Marketing?

Pajama Marketing is your weekly marketing mojo to gain exposure for your writing. Every Saturday, we post a new strategy to keep your book alive.

Authors need new ways to get noticed and books, especially non-fiction will keep selling for years and years, as long as people can find them out on the Internet.

Pajama Marketing mascot

Pajama Marketing mascot

Because… Your book stops selling when you stop selling it.


Expose Yourself on Amazon

Amazon.com didn’t get to be the #1 bookseller in the world by sitting back and waiting for success.

They honed the model of online book selling, and did it by matching consumers to books of interest, and engaging readers, … well, you know the psychology of Amazon as well as I do.

So today’s question is: Are you capitalizing on capitalism?

You can if you use Amazon’s features to promote your books, whether new or old. It’s up to you to keep feeding the pipeline.

1. Write reviews of other books, and include a link to your own book. Search for my review of “One Year to a Writing Life” and you’ll see what I mean.

2. Every author on Amazon can have a blog, through AmazonConnect. Right now, it appears on your book’s page.  (See my “Release Your Writing” page for a sample.)

3. And now there’s news of Amazon’s new AuthorCentral service, where they create Author Pages for you, coming next week:

“…free service provided by Amazon to allow authors to reach more readers, promote books, and help build a better Amazon bookstore. … We are creating Author Pages for all AmazonConnect authors, and yours may already be live. If so, this means you will be able to blog from Author Central immediately and see your posts after you sign up. “

Your Platform

excerpted from Release Your Writing, by Helen Gallagher.

Now that you’ve got plenty of ideas for marketing strength, let’s look at what the publishing industry calls a “platform.” Start by speaking at your local chamber of commerce, attend an expo, and get a booth or table at community events.

Whether you self-publish or go the longer route with an agent and publisher, book marketing is up to you. Having a platform is critical to your visibility and success in book promotion.

Your platform combines your credentials and your outreach:

  • Audience
  • Experience
  • Mailing list
  • Website
  • Blog exposure
  • Book tour availability
  • Media and public speaking.

All of these components are essential to promoting your work at the highest level or attracting a publisher, by illustrating your ability to sell books.

Your tasks, whether published by a POD service or traditionally, will be to market the book, do author signing events at bookstores, and get your book reviewed. Be creative in exploring free ways to gain visibility.

Read more at Amazon.com where you buy the book, in softcover or Kindle versions. Ebook also available for instant download from the publisher or at Smashwords.com.