Make Amazon work for you

In my May 30th post, below, I mentioned some of the ways you can use Amazon to create visibility for your books. You can comment on forums, post lists, and of course, review books, mentioning your book or website along the way.

Amazon has also announced it is Beta testing AuthorCentral at  AuthorCentral takes the place of Amazon Connect which allowed any author with a book on Amazon to add a blog.

"Release Your Writing" on Helen's Amazon free author page

"Release Your Writing" on Helen's Amazon free author page

AuthorCentral allows you to do a number of things from one page – add photos, add a blog, add new books, apply for Search Inside the Book add your book to Kindle and become an Amazon Associate – all in an effort to help authors sell more of their books on Amazon.

If you have a book on Amazon and haven’t already done so, add your own blog to Amazon at AuthorCentral by clicking on “Add a blog you already write using an RSS feed”. It will automatically be updated each time you add a blog post.

This is a very cool way to increase your visibility online. Why not do it today?


Expose Yourself on Amazon didn’t get to be the #1 bookseller in the world by sitting back and waiting for success.

They honed the model of online book selling, and did it by matching consumers to books of interest, and engaging readers, … well, you know the psychology of Amazon as well as I do.

So today’s question is: Are you capitalizing on capitalism?

You can if you use Amazon’s features to promote your books, whether new or old. It’s up to you to keep feeding the pipeline.

1. Write reviews of other books, and include a link to your own book. Search for my review of “One Year to a Writing Life” and you’ll see what I mean.

2. Every author on Amazon can have a blog, through AmazonConnect. Right now, it appears on your book’s page.  (See my “Release Your Writing” page for a sample.)

3. And now there’s news of Amazon’s new AuthorCentral service, where they create Author Pages for you, coming next week:

“…free service provided by Amazon to allow authors to reach more readers, promote books, and help build a better Amazon bookstore. … We are creating Author Pages for all AmazonConnect authors, and yours may already be live. If so, this means you will be able to blog from Author Central immediately and see your posts after you sign up. “

Getting to know blogs

One of the best ways to learn better blogging techniques is to read other blogs. Individuals and businesses use blogs to share insights and information in targeted niches. For example, Writer’s Digest magazine has several book marketing blogs. Here are two to peruse on this Saturday morning.

Alice Pope, editor of Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market, provides a blog of the week feature, interviews, news, and more.

Chuck Sambuchino, editor of Guide to Literary Agents, interviews literary agents, answers reader questions, and offers other fun agent-related stuff.