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Look over your e-shoulder

Last weekend, I was out of town at a writer’s conference when I posted my weekly update to Pajama Marketing for you. Sitting at a breakfast table, while chatting with an architect about his book proposal, I checked this blog to be sure the post was up. The woman next to me, Eileen Kennedy-Moore, said “Oh, I read that blog!”

It was fun to connect with a reader, and it serves as a reminder to you to put yourself out there, whatever the stage of your writing career. It builds your track record, creates visibility and is certainly an incentive to keep going, especially if there’s an Eileen watching… Eileen, by the way, is the author of three, soon to be four, parenting books. Visit her Amazon page here.

You never know who’s looking over your e-shoulder, so spruce up your website, update your blog, and increase your contributions to your online groups. You’ll maintain visibility at practically no cost, and you’ll meet some very nice people along the way.

What is Pajama Marketing?

Pajama Marketing is your weekly marketing mojo to gain exposure for your writing. Every Saturday, we post a new strategy to keep your book alive.

Authors need new ways to get noticed and books, especially non-fiction will keep selling for years and years, as long as people can find them out on the Internet.

Pajama Marketing mascot

Pajama Marketing mascot

Because… Your book stops selling when you stop selling it.