Recommended: “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire”

Not sure why author Rob Eagar  chose this metaphor, but he refers to fire a lot in this book. The full title. though, tells the real story: Sell Your Book Like Wildfire: The Writer’s Guide to Marketing and Publicity.

It is true that buzz  — word-of-mouth, —  viral exposure is exactly what you need to get your book noticed. And his book will give you the spark to start that fire.  Here are excerpts from a full review I did at BlogCritics Magazine.

Yet, Sell Your Book Like Wildfire, is not about sales and not about marketing after your book comes out.

Concepts covered include:

  • working with a publisher,
  • use of social media,
  • turning your book into a brand,
  • exercises to make sure you know where the value is in your product,
  • and how to convey that value.

And that is where the author, Rob Eager, provides the best advise.  The core of his strategy is to help you find the real value in your book. It involves an honest evaluation of how to find your market, know what they want, and deliver.

“You have an author brand whether you know it or not. …
Why be bland when you can have a brand.”


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