Want a bestseller on Kindle? Do the work

Do the work… That is the take-away message from this article about Mark Edwards’ success with a bestseller on Kindle and iBook:


What advice would you offer to unpublished novelists?

“Firstly, you have to really really want it and believe you have a talent. Writing is hard work, and the universe doesn’t care about your hopes and dreams. It takes a great deal of persistence. Secondly, you need to write stories that people will want to read. Finally, these days you have a choice: try to find an agent and publisher, or self-publish. The second route worked for us but I still think it’s worth pursuing the traditional route first.”

What’s the secret to getting noticed on the Kindle and iBooks charts?

“For iBooks we were lucky because Apple put us on the home page of the Crime and Thrillers category so we got noticed very quickly. With Kindle, it took months of spending hours every day plugging away, using social networks, blogs and doing everything we could to find readers – eventually, if you’re lucky, Amazon pick you up in their algorithms and start to display the book more prominently. But the real secret is to write a great book that people will tell their friends about. Word of mouth is by far the most effective tool.”

Read the full article here on this U.K. site.


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