Still considering your publishing options?

If you’re still wondering whether there’s room for you in the publishing world, of course my answer is Yes.

Here’s a brief summary of the four options available to you now:

Traditional publishing, where you:
Build your platform
Write a book proposal
Research and find an agent
Complete your book
Undertake all marketing

Independent self-publishing:
Complete your book
Get help as needed with layout and format
Create a solid marketing plan
Arrange a print-run, all at your expense
Get listed in bookseller and library databases
Manage or pay a service to handle fulfillment
Undertake all marketing

Print-on-Demand (POD)
Complete your book
Choose and submit to a POD firm
Pay a one-time production fee
Create your marketing plan
Undertake all marketing

The same work to write a good book
Unlimited potential at lowest cost

That’s it. Traditional has the longest timeline, Independent is the most expensive, POD is the fastest at lowest cost for a print book, and Ebooks open all doors to you at the lowest cost and fastest time.


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