Holidays: A time to reflect on success

When asked to contribute a short piece on the topic of “inspiration,” all I could think of was the long list of platitudes about writing, and being a writer.  You know…. the phrases like “a writer writes,”  “Keep writing!” and the well-known “Show up on the page.”

While those are all true, I instead chose to reflect on the inspiration I receive from the success of others:

I attended the OCWW holiday party and marveled at the accomplishments of those present in the room. Most of these writers forge ahead and succeed year after year. I also admire the many achievements of my clients.

Many of my clients published books in 2011. Happily, one won the USA Book Award for a non-fiction book, “Sustainable Weight Loss.” Another published his second major book, this one on the Irish famine, with the powerful title “Famine Ghost.”

Two clients won awards for their blogs; quite an achievement in a world with over 180 million live blogs, according to

Another, because of her niche blog, was hired by a U.K. magazine to write a major article and cover a conference in Chicago.

A woman who wrote a relationship book ten years ago learned the publisher was dropping the title. She came to me for advice and I’m helping her update and publish a second edition of the book in early 2012.

These results are a direct result of the focused efforts of these independent writers.

The rules for success remain the same: Have something to say, say it well, and don’t be deterred. There are appreciative readers for every writer.

Happy Holidaze,

Helen Gallagher


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