Are you LinkedIn?

A writer never needs to feel alone any more. The web offers loads of opportunities for you to get connected with other writers on LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter get all the attention but they are not superior to the serious connections you can make on LinkedIn. There are hundreds of writing groups at LinkedIn, and this morning, I’ll share one that might interest you; a Women’s Memoir group.

Here is the description (for those of you not logged in):

While having a personal story to tell is critical to writing a memoir, there is so much more to writing a GOOD memoir:
– Having a compelling point of view
– Avoiding the pity party
– Engaging readers with your attention to sensory detail
– Creating a universal message out of your personal story
– Using the many conventions of good writing effectively
– Considering a memoir organizational device
– And more

We would like this group to be a gathering place for memoir writers of all skill levels and experience and become a resource for sharing ideas, asking/answering questions, discussing writing, publishing, marketing and sales issue, and anything else about memoir that comes to a member’s mind.

The Women’s Memoir group has over 1000 members. If you’re already a LinkedIn member, you can search Groups and join this memoir writing group. Otherwise, search the groups and find another group that is a good match for your motivation,  whether you’re working on fiction or making your first million dollars on ebooks.

If you’re more interested in non-fiction or publishing groups, drop me a line and I’ll send you a group invitation.

Helen Gallagher


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