Good writing is free of typos

There are two reasons why self-published books used to have a bad reputation.  Bad covers and too many errors.

We mentioned the concept of good and bad covers in a few recent posts over at Release Your Writing’s blog here. Now let’s talk about getting perfect copy, typo-free. Remember the need to read your manuscript one more time, then put it aside and again, read it one more time, before submitting, whether it is a short blog post, freelance magazine article, or your own book’s final draft.

In Release Your Writing, I talk about the last 100 hours when you think you’re done with a book. but you still need to check and re-check the layout, cross-reference, and index. But you really do need to read it one more time, for any last errors that were overlooked. Even if you pay a proofreader, you personally should read it again.

In today’s overloaded society, where our focus is all over the screen, we still must slow down and ensure accuracy when asking people to take time to read our work.

Virginia Heffernan has an interesting New York Times post here, if you want to read more.

If you don’t have time now, here’s a brief excerpt:

“Authors, too, bear some blame for the typo explosion. As Geoff Shandler, the editor in chief of Little, Brown and Company, told me, “Use of the word processor has resulted in a substantial decline in author discipline and attention. Manuscripts are much longer than they were 25 years ago, much more casually assembled, and beyond spell check (and not even then; and of course it will miss typos if the word is a word) it is amazing how little review seems to have occurred before the text is sent to the editor. Seriously, you have no idea how sloppy some of these things are.”


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