Does your writing sizzle, like summer?

When writing is good, people often use lively descriptions, such as:
“It jumps off the page,” or “Sizzling, “Superlative,” even “walloping Great,” as Arthur Plotnik boldly claimed in his book:
“Better Than Great: A Plenitudinous Compendium of Wallopingly Fresh Superlatives”

I bring this up today because sometimes our writing is so hot it smoulders, and sometimes, like mid-July when fun, friends, family and the great outdoors call to us, our writing languishes.

Take 30 minutes today to read through one of your essays, or a section of your memoir or novel, and see if you can slow down and go back and add some real punch to the writing. Summer is a great time to get inspired, if we take time to put pen to paper, and let words keep us cool.



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