What does a publicist do for a new author?

If your book is not reaching the desired audience, not found among the clutter, you may need a publicist to jump-start your launch.

What does a publicist do?

They have media connections and get exposure for your book. Often they start with a traditional press release sent to thousands of media outlets: internet radio, local television, and print media. They book events for you, keep your name in the news for a month or two, and then you build on that initial buzz.

Media Bistro has compiled a long list of resources to consider. What you can do now, even before your book is published, is work on the pitch. You need a compelling statement that states exactly what your book is about, what it promises for the reader, and why it is unique. Without that critical understanding of your book, [your product] you aren’t ready to begin spending money on publicists. While they can help focus your pitch, it is your job to convey the essence of your book and the target audience.

Publicist services are effective but expensive. If you use one to create initial buzz, make certain you focus on the core message and target the right audience.

Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono


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