Kinetic author marketing

Richard Ridley has an interesting article posted on CreateSpace, about author marketing.

You know kinetic movement and kinetic exercises are motion-based. Less often, kinetic can mean frenetic, frenzied, which is not what you want in your marketing approach. Use your marketing muscles well, without wasting energy in frantic half-pursuits.

Ridley suggests you kick it up a notch with kinetic marketing. Here are his three steps:

The Dos and Don’ts of Kinetic Marketing

“As you move forward with your kinetic marketing strategy, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Blogging: Maintaining a blog is a bit of a tightrope act. You want your blog to reflect the basic rules of etiquette and common sense. Treat everyone with respect and be grateful for your visitors’ participation. At the same time, you are the blog owner. You must control the conversation and tone of the comments. Don’t be afraid to set rules and enforce the rules. Your visitors will appreciate you for it.

Social Media: There is no hierarchy in this environment. This is a level playing field, and you are now engaged in peer-to-peer conversations. If you try to impose your blog rules here, you will alienate yourself from your own community. Stay engaged and show interest in everyone else.

Video: Brevity is the key here. Keep it short, simple, professional, entertaining, and informative. As in the blogging environment, respond to comments about your videos in a timely fashion.

A kinetic-based marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to become an author that consumers recognize, to become a household name. Remember, the key to selling a book is selling the author.

As publishing on-demand becomes more prevalent among aspiring and established authors alike, and customers are turning to online social-based media to consume information, kinetic marketing is the low-cost solution for capturing the interest of potential customers and, ultimately, book sales.”

Read full article if you’re a member of the community


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