Old-style marketing

Authors hear me say this every week: “Your best marketing opportunities are online and are mostly free. Take advantage of online marketing.”

Yet, I realize the people you want to reach with your writing may not be savvy social media users. So don’t overlook the old fashioned in-person breakfast or lunch date as a marketing tool.  I met with a friend today to purchase a couple copies of her book to give to friends. She is co-author of A Woman’s Search for Inner Peace, a terrific conversational book helping readers find their path to inner spirituality.

Before we left, she turned to me and said “Let me know anything I can do for you to promote your work.”  That’s better than most online social media, and I was delighted by her offer. So keep your address book near at hand, and talk to your friends about your work, and listen when they speak of where there work is taking them. Perhaps you’ll find a friend able to make a good connection for you, or to write an online review of your work.

Helen Gallagher


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