Hub Pages… a concept you should know

It seems all authors want to get noticed and reach out to a wider community, especially new authors. For new authors, who exhaust the “friends and family” path to celebrate their fame, what’s next?

Spend a little time on Hub Pages and you’ll learn of new avenues to expand your reach.

HubPages is a social content community where everyday experts communicate their knowledge to information seekers through online articles while earning an income. For users, HubPages is the most rewarding place to contribute knowledge while interacting with a like-minded community, making money, and retaining the ownership of their content. HubPages provides users with turn-key technology, a Google-enabled platform and an easy way to be recognized for their expertise and knowledge. More information is available on .

Now in its 4th year, HubPages allows writers to make money from their content, by writing articles in specific categories, and of course, including their book title in their bio. Writers earn 60 percent of ad revenue generated by their articles.

In a short time, HubPages user-generated output has grown from 600,000 to 1,100,000 hubs on various topics by the end of 2010.

“The most impressive aspect of the growth of created Hubs is revealed when you compare a HubPages article with other Web 2.0 content that proliferates online,” said Ren Chin, Vice President of Marketing. “On HubPages, we ask our writers to create informative, original and expert articles complete with photos, videos and maps. To achieve momentous growth within such a demanding section is very encouraging. Plus, we have evidence that the quality of the published Hubs have improved significantly, thanks to the constant monitoring by HubPages’ moderation team.”

So stop by today, read the forum, look around, and see if you’d like to contribute an article on a topic related to your book. if you’ve read my book, Release Your Writing, you know the author marketing challenges we face. This online visibility is another way to write for a target audience, build up your online portfolio, and promote your book at the same time. It’s a critical part of your platform.


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