What is your “story” for 2011?

Fiction writers know the importance of story. They take workshops in crafting their story, join critique groups to understand their character’s motivations, the plot, the mind of the reader, the narrative, pace, and many other elements that comprise good fiction writing.

Do non-fiction writers give any thought to story? To narrative? It is a typical problem with a few self-published authors. Most people challenged with writing a book think about what they want to say and how they want to organize it. But we always must remember the element of story.

Even in today’s New York Times, Page 1, Robert Reich, a former White House labor secretary, mentioned story, when speaking of Obama’s ability to communicate his story to the American people over the major issues in economic recovery.

“Obama’s failure is that he won’t challenge this Republican narrative, and give people a story that helps them connect the dots and understand where we’re going.”

Reread the work you started during the long holiday hiatus and see how well you are giving your reader a good story, whatever your genre.

Read more about the elements of story in non-fiction here.



  1. January 30, 2011 at 6:42 am

    The story is much larger than our own, and we are all in the gift of older stories that we are only now joining.
    —David Whyte.

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