I’ve written before, in print and on the Release Your Writing blog about Smashwords… It is one of the few companies that does everything right.

Smashwords converts your book into ebook formats AND makes your ebooks available in required formats for mobile devices, from Kindle to iPhone and many more ereaders.

I get so many questions from people wondering how to convert print books to ebooks, how to understand Amazon’s Kindle upload process, how to understand DRM (digital rights management), but we don’t have to do all that work.

Mark Coker, president of Smashwords has the answers you need, at NO cost to you. What’s not to love?

Take a look at their guidelines for uploading your book, and begin earning 85 percent of net as royalties (60 percent of list price) on ebook sales, instead of wondering how to do it. Smashwords makes it soooo easy!

The first five Pajama Marketing readers who list their book on Smashwords can make a guest post here on our Pajama Marketing blog to share their experiences, success with uploading, and a link to their ebook, as a reward for taking the next step toward better book sales.

Helen Gallagher


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