Isn’t writing enough? Do we also have to tweet?

Here’s an analysis on Huffington Post by Fauzia Burke about using Twitter to promote your book. I know, you’d think it would be enough that we wrote a book, but to hawk it on Twitter???

Burke, of FSB Associates, makes some good points, though, which are true in general about Twitter… Not just filling the air with mindless chatter but engaging with people and offering something of value.

The trick to their success may lie in the community building which is so crucial to Twitter. Taeckens explains his three point plan for engagement: “First, be pro-active about interacting with other people; you have to engage in conversations, not merely post as if you’re reporting to a captive public. Second, display your sense of personality; use wit, humor, creativity, and have fun. Third, post and comment on topics you know and care about–not just literature and publishing, but all topics in the cultural dialogue.”

Burke also invites readers to take a poll on LinkedIn and look at the results of which social media sites are considered effective for selling books?

Full HuffPo article here


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  1. Fauzia Burke said,

    December 15, 2010 at 8:10 am

    Thanks so much for the reference. Glad the blog post was helpful.

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