Reading Lit Mags for double exposure

Double exposure? Yes, you’ll be exposed to some of the finest writing published, and your work will be seen by literary agents.

Many of us read literary magazines for pure pleasure, but agents read them both for the beauty of the writing and it hopes of discovering new talent.

Among the finest lit mags are: Glimmer Train, Granta, n1, One Story, Southern Review, Tin House. Words Without Borders, Zoetrope and dozens more.

The Nov/Dec 2010 issue of Poets & Writers ( has a good article on the journals that agents read. Keep this in mind as you labor over your best writing, waiting for the day your memoir or novel is complete. And… don’t wait! Submitting material from your book to literary magazines is a perfect way to test the waters, and attract an eager agent.

Poets & Writers has a Lit Mag, Small Press section of their site, to get you started this morning. So, stay in your PJs another hour, and find a lit mag where you can test your writing, and improve your appreciation for our craft.


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