Deadlines or dead-lines?

If the russet leaves outside your window are any clue, time is passing fast. Autumn is in the air, and your summer goals are either accomplished or trolling toward winter goals.

“Respect your deadlines” is a phrase that came to mind this week. I heard an author speak at The Book Stall at Chestnut Court in Winnetka, my home away from home. The author, Linda Hawes Clever, M.D., mentioned going through a rough time in her life before writing her book. Both her parents died, her house was robbed and her husband became ill. He’s fine now and she’s written a wonderful book called The Fatigue Prescription, which includes steps to renew our energy, health and life (or more aptly… “purpose in life.”)

The surprise in reading the Foreword of her book, by Dean Ornish, is his own reference to the continual struggle to find balance between work and life. Ornish referred to locking himself in a room to finish writing a book that was seriously overdue. Here’s what caught my eye:

“They’re not called dead-lines for nothing.”

More than a play on words, lead Ornish remind you: “You can’t give what you don’t have,” so take care of yourself and keep up with your seasonal project goals. Your writing enriches your life more than spending time in traffic, watching television, or washing windows.  Write.


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