Backspace is one of several powerful online resources for authors. Their site/blog is packed with good information and they often hold Agent/Author panels in New York. As a member, I get access to the video library so I don’t have to fly to New York to learn what’s new. Now, on October 6th, Backspace is running a two day conference via their forum. Here are the details:

On the Backspace forums, from October 4 – 6, we’ll host a panel on self-publishing.  How do guest “speakers” and panelists participate on an Internet forum?  Members post questions that will be answered by the panelists on the above dates.  The purpose of the panel isn’t to debate self-publishing, it’s to inform and educate our members interested in this publishing option. Panelists include Backspace members who have chosen, and advocate, the self-publishing route.

If you’re a member, visit the Backspace blog, STET!

Here’s a cute blog post from STET, on the subject of writing by hand.

It’s Saturday… So, sit down on the porch and write something.


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