Managing deadlines: Courtesy of Beth Erickson

If you’re like me, you respond to deadlines imposed by others, such as assignment due dates, and getting your writing done to present at a critique meeting. But what about our personal deadlines, or internal commitments to ourselves. Yep, it seems everything else comes before we honor those.

Today’s post is excerpted from Beth Erickson’s Writing Etc. site. All of her points are relevant but especially #5 for all of us:

“…Implement these tips and you’ll ensure that your deadlines will all get met. You might even find your writing assignments going smoother as well.

Here they are:

1.Work ahead of schedule. I keep one “schedule” for clients,
another for myself. I like to keep my personal deadline a week
ahead of the “schedule” I present for my clients.

2.Chunk the project into smaller, mini-deadlines. If I’m working on
a large project, I break it up and create mini-deadlines within the
time frame of my larger deadline. I have a mini for a rough outline, first draft, etc. It makes a large project far more doable.

3.Allow time within your scheduled deadline for the project to
“soak.” Soaking is critically important for any written work. Write
it, let it soak for a while, then read it again. You’ll be amazed
how much better it is when you allow your writing to gel before you
submit it.

4.Allow time for revisions – because there WILL be revisions.

5.Take personal deadlines seriously. If you don’t do this, if you allow “life” to override your personal goals, you’ll never achieve the things you want to achieve. Make your personal goals a priority and don’t allow anything to interfere with them. Mastering the
skill of saying “no” is very valuable in this profession.”

Beth Erickson is the author of “Advice to Freelance Writers: Insider Secrets to Effective Shoestring Marketing, Managing a Winning Mindset, and Thriving in Any Economy, Volumes 1 – 3,” her final tribute to the freelancing
community. She spills all her secrets, every trick, and holds nothing back in a comprehensive 3 volume set.

If you’re not a Writing Etc subscriber, click here to learn more:

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