SEO: Search enginge optimization in 3 easy steps

The way to get noticed online is to show up high in search engine rankings. The term “search engine optimization” (SEO) refers to the use of keywords and repetition to show up well in searches. That drives more traffic to your blog or site, and helps you connect with readers. SEO is big business, tracking click-thru rates and repeated visits to your blog.

There is no particular trick to writing SEO-friendly blog posts and you don’t need any special skill or software.

1. Good blog writing will give good SEO results. Use good descriptive words that will attract people interested in your topic.

2. Use good titles: That’s why the name of your blog is so important – just as is the name of particular post titles. You want titles to look compelling when people come across them in search results or in a blog list. Those inbound referrals from other blogs carry more weight, because of the exponential expansion of the links from multiple sites that link to each other.

3. Tune up your writing and make sure you use context-specific words in your posts for good visibility online. You have to read other blogs and do a few web searches within your topic to learn what keywords relate well to your topic.

TIP:  You can also set a Google Alert so if your name or your blog’s name shows up anywhere online, you’ll get notified via email. People who have an alert set for your topic, such as ‘adoption’ or ‘sustainable gardening’ will find your blog show up in search results, and be directed to you.


A Writer’s Digest editor once wrote about my publishing blog at Release Your Writing. She said it was smart because the blog and the book both have the same name – a very specific and accurate way to tie visitors and web searches to my book.


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  1. December 1, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    Thanks for the Great Article, That was a great info about SEO

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