Write articles to build your platform

Many authors who come to me for help in book marketing have no platform — no website, blog, or email list.  All of those things are easy to fix, but there is one platform element that takes a bit of time to develop, and it’s one you can start working on today…. Writing magazine articles on your book’s topic.

Even before your book is finished, you’re looking at a goldmine of potential articles. Perhaps a how-to for a writing magazine on how you learned to organize your manuscript, or the importance of believable dialog. You may be able to use your books introduction or prologue for a stand-alone article, essay or guest post on your topic, whether its 19th century history, problems with chronic illness, or cultivating life-long friendships.

While articles will give you some income, and publishing credentials, they also provide you with future readers for your book. When your tagline after the article states “From the forthcoming memoir….” or “Andrea’s novel will be published next month…”  that’s a valuable push forward for your future visibility.

You can write an article today, and scout out potential markets for it at some of the freelance job listing sites online.

Good luck!



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