Good Cover ~ Bad Cover

If you’re finalizing a book project, leave plenty of time for cover design. I often find clients have such a clear image in their minds, they fail to realize that people’s first exposure, through the title and the cover, may not convey the same impression. Keep this in mind as you near the end of your project. Stand back and see if your title really says what the reader needs to know.

One of my successful clients wrote a sweet novel about a young woman leaving India to work as a doctor in the U.S. As a novel, the cover could have shown anything – and it would have said nothing. But my client is also a talented artist, and so the cover image we used was a painting she created of the beach where much of the story takes place in India.

You may not have that talent, but only you know the best way to sell your book. Start thinking of title and cover design, but don’t be too committed to your first idea until you do some research. Your local book store is the best place to start.

If you’ve been to my workshops, you know there are many other critical issues regarding book covers, so take your time and get it right. A bad cover won’t keep a book from getting published, but it can deter impulse sales.


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