Gambling on a book advance, literally!

Among the interesting articles at Huff Po’s Book section today, there is one about an author who received a huge book advance, I mean $85,000, based on what must have been a dandy book proposal. It was only after gambling most of the money that he realized how to write the book. It took him a lot of “research” playing poker to understand this:

“A book is the end of a process, not the beginning. I like my authors to have struggled–struggled to develop their insights and the voices with which to pronounce them–because I want books that are urgent. A book should make a new answer to the question of life.

If you start with your answer, you don’t need the book.

Therefore, sitting at my laptop, I logged onto Internet poker sites. I meant to write but couldn’t. I didn’t know how to write or know anything.”

See how much better off we are with our writing? No addictions, no advance creating pressure to produce, just a nice Saturday morning to create good work.


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