Apple introduces iPad… what it means for books

First, Apple’s newest splashy gadget debuts Saturday morning – It’s about 9 x 11 inches, sort of like a giant iPhone. While it looks interesting, the primary functions will be photos, music and for reading… especially magazines, newspapers and digital books. What it lacks is anything that would make it, you know… a computer! It’s called a “tablet computer” but the Wall St. Journal likes referring to it as um… “a device.”

No keyboard, no phone, no camera, no USB ports, clunky, super high price – proprietary Apple downloads only.

But for writers ready to publish their work, the potential is great. Plan now to issue your previous work in an ebook format, or to convert your current published book to digital formats. converts your book into versions to sell on Kindle, Nook, Sony, iPhone, iPad and more.  Start with the Smashwords Style Guide.



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