Make the most of a short month

February is a nice short month, and it goes fast. Make some time for your writing this month, so you’ll have something to be proud of.

Mystery writer, James Patterson, seems to write a new book every year, making it look easy. In fact, maybe it is easy for him, since he has lots of co-authors and publishing help from the firms who get rich on his words.

Since 2006, one out of every 17 novels bought in the United States was written by James Patterson.

Read how he does it in this interesting New York Times article by Jonathan Mahler, analyzing the Patterson empire. After you read it, surely you’ll be inspired to do one of the following:

1. pick up your notebook and pen

2. send out a query

3. write a blog post

4. sign up for a Spring writing conference

5. read a James Patterson novel…


Also…if you need more inspiration, I have a few events coming up soon…

February 23, 2010: A Celebration of Sisters (details at shortly)

March 1, 2010: Catholic Writers Online Conference (free: ask me for details)

March 6, 2010: Univ. Wisconsin-Milwaukee Spring Writer’s Festival

March 18 & 25, 2010: Off-Campus Writers Workshop – two sessions on publishing, marketing, and tech surprises.

Helen Gallagher


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