Wisdom from an idiot

I write book reviews for several online markets, and for one, I agreed to review an Idiot’s guide…. It was my first time reading one of the books targeted to idiots and dummies. I’ve never been fond of the concept of insulting a reader.

But in reviewing this book, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Writing Business Books by Bert Holtje, I found a few gems.

Chapter Three covers the real issue: writing. It forces you to stop and consider whether your idea can hold up to a full book. A typical business book runs 50,000 to 120,000 words, perhaps 250 or 300 pages. Does your idea warrant that, and do you have what it takes to get it there?

Most writers don’t experience what’s called “writer’s block.” When you’re writing, there might be some frustration along the way, but being blocked is not the biggest problem you’ll encounter. Holtje suggests we banish the term.

“As soon as you give something negative a name, you have given yourself an excuse.”

So, if you’re working with a good idea, and you know what you want to share with readers,  remain confident and keep writing.

Holtje’s book offers easy reading and plenty of motivation. As a busy guy, he sold his literary agency, and has authored or ghost-written over 30 books, so he knows where motivation comes from… from within. He has good advice for those who hear that little voice whispering “I’ll never pull this off.”  He discusses contract negotiations, rights, and explains than an author’s advance is a meaningless number if you don’t know what rights it covers.

Good reading is found everywhere.  If you want to provehow smart you are, you can save money by buying the Kindle edition online.


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