Watch your words… and fat grams

I had to skip lunch yesterday, and stopped at the terrific Trader Joe’s store in Glenview to grab something reasonably healthful for lunch. I bought raspberries, tomatoes, whole wheat pita, and grabbed a 7 oz containter of chicken salad. I’ve had their great chicken salad before, and it has only 8 grams of fat per serving, 2 servings per container. This week, without paying too much attention to the words on the label, I chose the chicken pesto pasta salad and devoured the whole container. Only then did I see that the two servings were each 23 grams of fat. That means I had 46 globs of fat in about ten minutes during a rushed lunch…  Of course, it was delicious, but so is the regular chicken salad with only 8 grams.

Our words are important to our readers and to us. Slow down [take my advice….] slow down enough so you don’t have to eat lunch on the run, then do some reading, writing and walk it off!

Have a great week,



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