Start the new year with inspiration and a free e-book

Seth Godin is author of over a dozen books, a master at giving us different ways to look at things, a new way of thinking. He is a proponent of using technology for viral marketing – spreading his word and giving free books or excerpts to spur greater sales. And it works.

So, use his energy and ideas to create some of your own.

1. You can download his ebook for free from right here.

24099374-What-Matters-Now-by-Seth-Godin-and-60-great-thinkers-www-whatmattersnow-net. Contributors include Elizabeth Gilbert  and Merlin Mann’s “Enough” essay on today’s troubling overload syndrome. There are 0ver 70 pieces,  each consisting of one small essay.

2. Then,  take a look at the book itself: a non-traditional way to compile an e-book – why not use color and great format when it is a digital publication? Digital doesn’t have to mean black & white, 6 x 9 inches with a 1 inch margin, and a single, boring typeface.

Get creative with your book projects. Let the inspiring contributions in this book light your fire this year.  I think you’ll be moved by some of the ideas, and it’s a great way to start the year.

Happy 2010: The second decade of the second century for all of us.


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