Social media in your pj’s

Here’s another benefit of cold winter mornings. Stay in your pj’s and snuggle up to your computer, especially if you use a laptop… makes the snuggling part much easier.

Go search for writers at,, or visit, or

Take 15 minutes to visit a few writer’s social networking sites, and while there,

  1. create or update your own profile
  2. look at someone else’s profile and see if it links to other groups for you
  3. comment on a post by someone else, or
  4. follow a link to a recommended site.

Chances are you’ll learn something new, gain more exposure, or if you’re very fortunate, sink in to that blissful, calm writing mind, where you can now draft a new scene for your book, start an article, or create a query for an online magazine site.

And, we know this is a busy month, but if you can start your mornings this way, just like with Julia Cameron’s morning pages, you’ll be grounded in your writing for the whole day.


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