December: A writer’s favorite month

Many of us long for the languid pace of summer, and dream that we’ll spend long days reading at the beach, or writing sweaty prose out on the back porch. But somehow, summer is distracting and busy, and the days are long, so writing often falls away til autumn.

Now, autumn is gone. We have our first dusting of snow on the ground in Chicago this morning, and it’s almost time for the hectic holiday season.

But, use December well, and it could be your favorite month. The images of the holidays are fantastic fodder for memoir and stories. If you are reaching out to editors or agents, they ofter take a different attitude at year-end, and may be more open to lining up work for 2010. They enjoy the slower pace at year-end and may look at your work just to clean out their Inbox.

And, although there is always a lot to do, it’s a good month to stay home, stay quiet, and cozy up to work on your writing goals. What do you want to tackle before year-end? What articles could you sell? What events can you book for next year?

Use this busy holiday time to work more while others are distracted by the shopping season. When the parties come along, and people ask what you’re working on, you’ll be full of project ideas instead of guilt over neglected writing.


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  1. December 9, 2009 at 9:30 am

    This is a really novel take on the way we writers can spend December–instead of joining the fray entirely. It’s possible to cozy up and get some writing, and join in the seasonal festivities.

    Thanks for this. I’m glad I found this site.

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