Promote your writing: Five things you can do now

thebardWherever you are in the writing process, there are things you can do today to move yourself ahead:

If you’re working on freelance writing, pick two magazines, find their submission guidelines and work on a perfect query letter. Email them and then choose two more magazines that appeal to you and start working on a good pitch for them.

If you’re working on a book, there is a lot you can do before you reach the end of your final draft.

What else would you add to this short list? Comment below to keep the list growing:

1. Line up prospects for endorsements.

2. Write an article for publication and in your bio line, indicate “from the forthcoming book…. ” That’s sure to light a fire under you.

3. Start a blog if you don’t already have one. Many successful books gain advance notice because the writer’s blog entices readers. Agents routinely read blogs that are getting buzz online to find the next sparkling success, such as Julie & Julia. If you aren’t online, you’re missing a big opportunity.

4. Line up an editor if your book is still “for your eyes only.”  Without an editor you can waste a lot of time rewriting to suit yourself, but you need an objective viewpoint to know how it reads for your audience.

5. Speaking of audience, you have defined your target reader, haven’t you? One great exercise is to write a profile of this reader. Is she standing in line at the grocery store? Is he reading your book while waiting for a flight? What authors are they reading in their book club?  What books do they talk about over dinner.

You get the idea – step outside your book now and then, and inside the head and heart of your reader.

Helen Gallagher


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