NANOWRIMO Week 4 nears…

Take inspiration from this image, from a fellow NANOWRIMO writer who wrestled with plot, once a character took a wrong turn:

“I lay awake at night, puzzling over how my good guy went so bad. I couldn’t get to work in the morning for all my distracted agonizing over what to do. I was getting out of the shower with shampoo in my hair, leaving the house in my slippers, and dazedly driving to the grocery store instead of to the office. My character was everywhere, begging to be heard, asking to be redeemed. My word count was getting further behind with each passing day, and I was well on my way to being haunted by an imaginary being. But he didn’t feel so imaginary; I’d brought the story to life, and those characters, and that world. It was just dangling there in limbo, derailing my focus and turning me into a bit of a loony.”

… Think of the adventures your mind is creating by banging out this first draft of your work in November. And only ten days left to go! You deserve a lot of credit for hanging in there with your words.

Helen Gallagher


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