NANOWRIMO Week 3 + Manzanita, Oregon

books2If you’re rolling along with NANOWRIMO, you still have half the month to get to your goal. I know it seems hopeless at times to keep writing, but whatever word count you’ve built in 15 days is more than you would have done without National Novel Writers Month. Maybe what you’re really racking up is confidence that you are a good writer, that you can find time to write when the motivating is there, and that this is a habit you just won’t quit.

At a workshop in Manzanita, Oregon last weekend, I was reminded of motivation when a group of dedicated writers made it to the workshop despite strong winds, rain and hail. Each person showed up because they had a goal: a project in mind that they wanted to get published. With our time together, they found an avenue to consider for releasing their writing. Whether seeking an agent/publisher, choosing to self-publish, or diving in to the lucrative world of ebook publishing, they were eager to move their writing out into the world. Genres included memoir, historical fiction, poetry, family history, medical issues, and Oregon history. A diverse group of dedicated people, and a pleasure to work with.

Whether you’re workig your way through NANOWRIMO or are ready to publish, here’s another resource to consider when you want to see how your work is shaping up:

Writers participating in NANOWRIMO can get a free copy of their book printed by Fast Pencil. (A Lulu like firm, which all writers can use to get a copy of their book in draft form and see how it looks before final edits. If you plan to use POD, it’s a great way to see what your final product will look like:

Helen Gallagher


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