The Value of Marketing Materials

On today, I was asked whether there is such as thing as “unnecessary marketing material.”

My response:
I think effective marketing material is beneficial, but most cards, fliers, and ‘about me’ material just get tossed. What makes an effective marketing piece? Look to the big PR firms and publicists for examples. They do white-papers and useful articles that take a unique spin on an author’s book, rather than just a blurb about the book.

I recently reviewed a book on creativity and the author is highly visible for marketing an article on “Seven Steps to Tap Into Your Creative Spirit” or some similar title. A piece like that has more value and relevance than a marketing piece created specifically to drive sales but without benefit to the reader.

Do you agree? Are you proud of the marketing materials you’ve created for your work? Comment here, and I’ll send you the book review on creativity.


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