Book Marketing… for the rest of your life? Yes…

When you’re working on a book, the most important thing you can do is “see it through.” Because someday it will be done. The manuscript will be final, and on its way to the publisher. But once your book comes out, your mission to “see it through” is rather unending. Remember, your book stops selling when you stop selling it. If you don’t pay attention to it, no one else will either. In Release Your Writing I say ” Do one thing a month, every month, to increase your exposure.” That consistency will pay off, even years later.

Here is an excerpt from Susan Kendrick’s site at Book Cover Coaching.
She discusses the five most important criteria for a bestseller, and puts marketing at the top of the list:

5 Most Important Criteria for Creating a Bestseller*

1. Author’s Willingness to Promote Their Book for the Rest of Their Lives
2. Book Cover Design
3. Book Title / Subtitle
4. Introduction of Book
5. Actual Content

As you read through the advice, you’ll say “Ewe, marketing isn’t easy.” True, but neither was writing your book.You’re an author now, and like it or not, a salesperson. Keep working at book marketing and you’ll see results.

Helen Gallagher

*excerpted with permission from


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