Put the ‘network’ in your social networking

Social networking to find a good used car, or a new brownie recipe, is one thing, but putting Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to work requires using them as a real networking tool. That means less social, and more networking. LinkedIn has particularly well targeted groups, on ebooks, publishing, agents, and more.

You may have heard of the ‘elevator pitch” concept – if you have only a short time during an elevator ride to make your pitch, rehearse it so your message comes across, targeted and memorable.

Try doing the same with your social networking messages, In fact, try it five times this week. When you make a comment or post an item, find a way to tie it to your book, your site or your blog. If you answer a question online, let people know they can find more in your book. You get the idea… network!

Other ways to expand your online presence this week:
Join an online writing group – not critique but power marketing, with a group that offers networking and seminars. Visit the Resources page of ReleaseYourWriting.com for some suggested groups. See, that was a marketing trick to get you to visit my web site.

Next week, I’ll lead you toward some terrific online newsletters and ask you to share a few of your favorites, by posting a Comment here.

Go start something great.

Helen Gallagher


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