Self-published books get good publicity…

Word-of-mouth is the best vehicle to drive sales of your book. Imagine doing everything right in the self-publishing process, and getting noticed by Publishers Weekly. Now that’s some powerful word-of-mouth.

Read the full article here, and note these critical, strategic decisions made by authors Mandy Williams and Tina Pennington:

1. They got the book’s message right: It’s a cross between The Devil Wears Prada and a practical book on finance.

2. Williams followed up on the thought-bubble in her head. “She decided that she should start taking notes because she realized this could be a book.”

3. They chose to self-publish in a huge quantity, with several covers, such as the special Neiman Marcus one.

4. They kept control. Williams says, even if a traditional house had accepted the book, she isn’t sure she would have been willing to let go of the project.

5. Not listing it on Amazon What ??? The authors have chosen not to sell to Amazon or other discounters, in order to support independent booksellers.

In the first two weeks, the book has sold 150 copies.


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