Motivation from Conrad Hilton

I’m in Washington, DC. this week, and found this on my hotel nightstand:
Be My Guest, by Conrad Hilton, the story of his success and inspiration and his successful career.

Hilton’s career is a story worth telling, and worth reading, from the day a bellboy once loaned him lunch money.  He eventually raised money to purchase of the Mobley Hotel in a dusty Texas town and began a slow and deliberate accumulation of hotels across the country, all part of the Hilton Hotel chain.

Be My Guest was published by Simon & Schuster in 1957 and is still in print today, more than forty years later, atleast as a bedside table companion in each room in each of the Hilton Hotels in the chain he started. Along the way we read of his struggles as a youth, in college, and his travels once he enlisted in the U.S. Army. Conrad Hilton died in 1979. I found his inspiration useful for you, today, in your work as a writer:

“My own dreams were smaller than some, bigger than some, had flaws in them and fell apart before they could take form, others were misguided; the energy behind them had to be redirected according to a sounder plan and all that is part of this story.”

So, in reading his memoir, I’m reminded of a writer’s daily journey to get words on the page. Our efforts and reflections are important, both to us and to our readers.

Write any way,



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