Several ways to use

I’ve been promoting since its inception. Here’s a quick reminder, from their site, on the different ways you can use it.

“As the world’s largest, 100% free directory of author events, makes finding when a favorite author is coming to your town as easy as checking the weather.

In just a few minutes any author can create a page showcasing their biography, books, and upcoming engagements. Listing new events is as easy as answering a few questions. Publishers, booksellers, events managers, and even just well-informed readers can add tour dates by simply filling in a few blanks.

Most importantly, readers can search our database of author events for the best of what’s nearby, or they can track their favorite authors on tour.

Readers can invite faraway authors to their town, or get in touch with authors already scheduled to appear locally to address additional groups, from company speaker series to book group meetings.

For authors, serves as a one-stop tool for book promotion, allowing authors at all levels of their careers to locate receptive live audiences.”

Emphasis added by me, to make sure you’re seeing all the benefits and getting the most out of

Whether you’re a reader, writer, author, or publicist, use to keep in touch with the literary community.

Helen Gallagher


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